T1: A Program to play Twixt

TwixT is a boardgame by Alex Randolph.

T1 is a program to play TwixT by Johannes Schwagereit (mail(at)johannes-schwagereit.de).
No longer being developed.


These versions of T1 play quite weak (but at least they beat www.twixt.de).
My recommendation is to use ‚T1j‘ instead.

Version History

October 2004:
Version 0.6 Major update: Pie-Rule, improved GUI, improved playing strength

March 2004:
Version 0.2b – Now compiles with Microsoft Visual C++.

June 2003:
Version 0.2 – Bug-corrections and minor improvement of playing strength.

March 2003:
Version 0.1 A more or less are fully functional prototype.


All versions of T1 are licenced under the GPL. See below for a download of the sourcecode.

Features of Version 0.6

  • Computer plays either left-right or top-down
  • All links are placed automatically
  • End of game is recognized by program
  • Boardsize may be set to any value between 12×12 and 36×36
  • Non-quadratic boards are possible (Handicap-games)
  • Colors for both players may be set
  • The window is resizeable
  • Preferences are saved to file
  • pie-rule is implemented
  • optional diagonal ‚area‘ lines
  • Save and Load games
  • Variable playing strength (by setting time for computer move)
  • Undo and Redo of any number of moves

Missing Features

  • Playing strength is low
  • Link removal is not implemented
  • Program may contain bugs

Technical Details

  • Operating System: Linux (Kernel 2.4 or 2.6)
  • Programming language: C++
  • Compiler: gcc (at least version 3.3).
  • GUI toolkit: Fast Light Tool Kit (FLTK) Version 1.1.4.

FLTK is available for Mac and Windows as well, so it is possible to port T1 to other operating systems.


Two screenshots from version 0.6

Main window

New Dialog
The New-Dialog. Note that the non-quadratic boards (‚Handicap‘ games) are possible.

Some screenshots from version 0.1.

Main window
Main window (during a game between www.twixt.de – playing blue – and T1 – playing red -).

The dialog for a new game
The dialog for a new game.

The options window
The options window.

A Screenshot from an old version.
A Screenshot from an old version. The interesting point is: It shows the nine possible links which have to be checked before placing a given link.


see https://github.com/johannesSchwagereit/T1